Glückskäfer - felting needles

Glückskäfer - felting needles


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Felting needles can be used with wool fleece or felt sheets and shapes to create a myriad of felted craft projects.

As the barbed needle is moved up and down, the barbs catch the scales of the wool and entangle them, creating felt.

Glückskäfer felting needles are available as a twin pack of medium gauge needles or a six pack in your selection of medium gauge or "assorted" gauge needles. Assorted gauges are useful to produce a variety of details. A smaller gauge leaves a smaller hole in the felted surface, it felts more slowly than the large-gauge needle, producing finer detail.

Craft fleece and felt sheets and shapes are available in art & craft supplies.

CAUTION: Felting needles are incredibly sharp and can easily pierce skin during use. For this reason, we recommend that these needles be used only by children aged seven years or older.