PAPOOSE - felt kings/ queens

PAPOOSE - felt kings/ queens


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These gorgeous wool felt kings or queens make sweet toys to stimulate the imagination of a child at any age!

The bodies are solid wood to allow them to stand easily. Sold individually your choice of purple, blue, red or green.

Papoose is a range of 100% natural wool products. Dutch designer Renske Carbone, together with talented crafts people in Nepal, has created this colourful range of toys, craft materials and gifts for kids of all ages. In a world full of plastic these hand felted items will add real colour, real texture and real beauty to your life. Enjoy!

Hand made in Nepal using fair labour paying fair wages. Papoose products are safe for children as the natural materials are coloured with non-toxic dyes.

Sold individually, each doll stands approximately 9cm tall with slight variations as they are hand made.