about me

About me; Rachel...

I am a mother. I am a sister. I am a daughter.

I love the feeling of sunshine on my skin. I love nature, the great outdoors. I love trees and I love all things rainbow.

Rainbow Tree is an extension on me.

A reflection of my belief; that when you put good things out; good will come back.

I am co-creator of a world where all people consider their actions in the interest of the greater good. 

Rainbow Tree opened in November 2006. My third child (I now have four) was 8 months old. My daughters were in reception and class two of the newly opened Trinity Gardens Primary School Steiner Stream.

I surrounded myself with things that I love and in turn was surrounded with like minded people.

I have learnt so much along this journey, but the simple things remain the same...

Toys which promote open ended play and leave our children's imaginations free to run wild.

Craft materials from natural resources which provide early tactile experiences and support the development of fine motor skills.

I believe in leading by example and teaching our children respect for themselves and respect for the world they live in.

I would not be here were it not for the ongoing support I receive from my family. Deepest gratitude to my Mum and Dad, to my sister Robyn and to my children.

My family are my sunshine.
I love you eternally!