dipam - beeswax tea light candles

dipam - beeswax tea light candles

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These beautiful, pure beeswax tea light candles have that delightful beeswax scent. They are completely natural so they burn without dripping or smoking.

Sold individually, each candle burns for 4 hours.

Beeswax candles burn brighter, hotter, longer and cleaner than most other wax candles. Beeswax also sweetens the room with the pure scent of honey and emits negative ions when burned. Negative ions circulate the room, neutralising the positive static charges that keep contaminants airborne. When these charges are neutralised, contaminants such as dust, odour, pollen and other toxins fall to the floor rather than remaining airborne where we can breathe them in.

Dipam partners with institutes for disabled people and provides work experience for people who have been out of work for various reasons. Every effort is made to use materials in their packaging and products that are sustainably produced and environmentally friendly.Burn time for Dipam 100% beeswax candles can be up to 15% longer than other candles.

Note: whilst dipam tea light candles can be lit multiple times, a tea light candle is really designed to be burned in one sitting. Never leave a burning candle unattended.