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Katamino is more of a puzzle than a game.

Allthough it can be set up as a 2 player challenge, it is primarily played solo.

Skills: abstract strategy, pattern building, pattern recognition 

Katamino is a very attractive game with all wooden components along with the instruction book it makes a great coffee table piece, a puzzle you can come back to again and again.

Consists of 12 different coloured pentaminos (quality wooden shapes each covering the same area; 5 cubes)

1 wooden game board, one sliding wooden divider to determine the size of the gameboard.

1 booklet containing instuctions and progressively harder problems to solve.

Start with 3 pentaminos and fill a 5x3 area, then adjust the board to 5x4 and add another pentamino and so on until  you are working on the full size 5x12 board with all 12 pentaminos - it gets hard fast!


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